I have been a patient of Dr. White since 2002. He has performed three joint replacement surgeries on me. Prior to becoming Dr. White's patient I had had multiple surgeries while living in Illinois beginning in 1965, with my first operation for a torn ACL on my right knee. Subsequently, three additional operations were performed on that same knee until 1995 when total knee replacement was accomplished.

In 2002 I had my first surgery performed by Dr. White, a total right hip replacement. Just a year later I had my left hip replaced. I experienced great relief of pain after each of these surgeries. However, in March of 2009 I needed additional surgery for replacement of the joint in my left knee.

Before these three operations my activity level diminished to a degree that I was unable to even stand for over a few minutes. I was in constant pain. I gained much weight, up to 350 lbs, because of the sedentary life I had to lead. After Dr. White's surgeries my pain decreased while my activity level increased. I am losing weight and beginning to ride my bike and play golf. I have to give Dr. White my heartfelt thanks for keeping me out of a wheelchair and improving the overall quality of my life through his skilled hands and new advancements in his techniques during surgery.

Sincerely, James M. Weber

My husband and I moved to Florida after many years creating and managing a business while raising our family. The physical activities we enjoyed had been put on hold and our level of stress had increased. We hoped to resume an active lifestyle when we moved but my joints were painful and had very little mobility. I had been too busy to notice the decrease in my range of motion until I could barely get my coat on without pain. My right knee was beginning to turn in. From my lower back to my hip, thigh, and knee I experienced pain when sitting for a period of time. I was actually crooked and afraid to walk. The year previous to our move I began practicing Taoist Tai Chi™, often referred to as "moving meditation." The gentle movements and stretching helped me immensely, along with increasing my bone density, strength and balance, and at the same time reducing stress but my hip was still a problem and I was concerned about my knee and back. I finally gave up and went to see Dr. White who listened to my tale with a sympathetic ear. He took a simple x-ray and carefully explained the source of my problem and my options. The left hip was fine, the right one was "bone-on-bone." There I was, feeling at least 5-10 years younger due to Tai Chi, and he was suggesting that I try either an injection of cortisone or an oral anti-inflammatory because I did not want surgery. Some time later I returned to see Dr. White. With his promise that I would be able to continue instructing the Tai Chi set that we practiced, I agreed to hip replacement. Following surgery, I was ready to go home after one night and was able to say with a smile "it was a piece of cake." After a speedy recovery, I resumed my practice of Tai Chi and helping others as an instructor. When I relate my experience to new members, they find it difficult to believe and cannot tell which hip was affected. When I saw myself in the glass entryway on my first trip to the mall, I could not believe the woman in the reflection was me. I was walking straight with my head up, shoulders back, AND without pain. I know that I will be healthier, happier, and have a more productive life having had hip replacement sooner rather than later. Thank you Dr. White.

Barbara Speicher
Instructor, Taoist Tai Chi Society

I have been a flight attendant all of my adult life. I frequently receive international assignments. I enjoy my job and would be very upset if a physical problem prevented me from continuing to do it. I was in pain for years since a 1999 accident injured my knee which contributed to a limp that accelerated my hip problem. It started slowly and progressed to the point where I was in constant pain. It made doing my job very difficult. The crew would always ask what was wrong with me. I had been seeing another doctor who was into sports medicine. He gave me meds and cortisone shots. The pain just got worse. After working a trip which could keep me on my feet for as long as 14 hours in one day, I could not walk without severe pain. Doing everyday activities was difficult and I found myself limiting them to making decisions based on how far I had to walk. I was directed to Dr. White by a friend who recommended him highly. I found Dr. White to be caring, concerned, and direct. He answered all of my questions and I had plenty. He calmed my fears. His office personnel were courteous and his nurse was always ready to answer any additional questions. After my surgery and recovery I returned to work. I was pain-free. I could perform all of my duties as a flight attendant without a problem. I can work long days on my feet. I push heavy carts and climb onto seats to rearrange luggage. I can work all the way in flight from New York to LA and back in one day, serving 400+ passengers without pain. The hip replacement has eliminated my knee pain, as Dr. White said it would, as hip arthritis often times causes referred knee pain. I no longer walk with a limp. I do not feel limited in any way. I wish I had had my hip replaced by Dr. White years ago, it would have saved me a lot of pain and worry.

Joyce Paulin
Flight Attendant, Major US/International Airline

I met Dr. Ronald White when he was recommended to me by his former associate, Dr. Benjamin Bierbaum, Head of Surgery at New England Baptist in Boston. Dr. Bierbaum had performed minor surgical procedures on my wife as well as replacing my right knee after growing discomfort and our move to Florida. Dr. Bierbaum was wholehearted in suggesting I consult with Dr. White, who had also moved to Florida where he became head of orthopaedics at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

How can we reassure ourselves when we place our care in a surgeon's hands? Orthopaedic surgery may be required following a traumatic event; or more often it may be a deliberate choice for one seeking a more comfortable life experience free from growing discomfort developing over time.

If, in the former case you did not know your surgeon before he knew you, you would surely know him afterwards because your eyes and your ears and your heart would inform you. The surgeon will be the same one who is there when most of the decisions were his and few if any were your's.

If the choice were your's you knew the man before your operation. If he was concerned to answer all of the questions you could ask him about the procedure to follow; if he spoke with humor but also with a serious demeanor; if he touched a chord in you that was music to your ears; then when you awoke and it was over, you are fortunate - indeed in either case - if you saw Dr. Ronald White at your side at his daily rounds.

Since my right knee was replaced, Dr. White has replaced a full knee, a partial knee, and a new hip for my wife Jane. We consider ourselves charter members of the "Spare Parts Club." But, more importantly, we are - for being in our 80s - in good health and comfortable in our skins. Most reassuring of all, for helping us maintain a responsible postoperative schedule of therapy and care for ourselves, we thank an enduring friend, Ronald White, M.D.

Edward Farrow
Boca Grande, FL

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